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Natural molecules that are very widespread in the plant world, splendid architectures built on the language of nature, which have become established and widespread in nature because they carry out numerous protective actions

Among their main functions, they are able to maintain cellular youth and to capture free radicals responsible for cell damage.


It stimulates the production of collagen giving a natural tensor effect to the skin: 80% of the reduced radicals

from Grignolino grapes

Polyphenols from Grignolino grapes

+ 98% hyaluronic acid and collagen residues after degradation test

Proanthocyanidins 500 μg for each mL of cream


Stimulate cell proliferation (+ 60% of vitality)

Flavanol from Barbera grapes

Emollient and Protective More elastic and healthy skin

Cocoa butter

Nourishing and moisturizing

Film-forming and protective

 Shea Butter

Anti-stain and redensifying

Anthocyanins and tannins from Croatina grapes

Exceptional moisturizing effect Reconstructs the cutaneous hydrolipidic film

Hyaluronic Acid

Contains more than 75% of fatty acids It makes the skin soft and smooth Elasticizing


(rich of  t o c o f e r o l o,  v i t a m i n   E)

They uniform the color of the complexion and reduce skin stress

Hydroxycinnamic acids of Croatina grapes

Results obtained from in vitro tests

We have studied them to understand their language and apply it to the maintenance of youth and to the protection from free radicals that damage the skin.


Our products are developed through projects and collaborations with grape growers and wine producers who, like us, share the vision of the treasures of nature and territory, collaborating on different aspects of a common heritage.


We select their treasures and analyze them in our laboratories to understand the quality and quantity of the molecules present, we formulate them to make them available for the skin and its defense.

We realize the vision of anti-aging creams from science and the territory. We evaluate the effectiveness of protection against free radicals with in vitro studies on skin cells.

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