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the creams

We produce our cosmetics using only the best grapes of the Monferrato's land.

Natural ingredients of highest quality

All our creations are cruelty free and suitable for vegna consumers.

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Linea Monferrato

An uncompromising line that enhances the properties of polyphenols extrcted from the red grapes of Monferrato.

Helps the skin to fight against aging 

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Linea Apicæ

A fresh and intriguing cosmetics line that uses the polyphenols of the white grape Moscato to protect the skin from external stress. 

Give freshness and long-lasting hydration.

The use of Rotarius for 3 weeks makes the skin firmer and softer.

The high concentration of polyphenols from Barbera and Grignolino grapes relaxes the skin in particular in the most sensitive areas such as the eye contour.

The special formulation based on shea butter and hyaluronic acid is studied with ingredients of the highest quality that enhance the effectiveness of polyphenols.

Uso Origine di Poliphenolia dal momento in cui è uscita sul mercato e, in tutta sincerità, non credo cambierò più crema per il viso.


Tutto ciò che le altre creme promettono a parole da sempre, questa crema lo fa senza tante parole.

— Elisabetta


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